Android Q Will Have a More Secure Face Unlock System


It’s 7 months after Android Pie rolled out. Now we’re looking forward to all the new features Android Q will have. A recent report from XDA Devs says that Google is working to make Facial recognition more secure in the next iteration of Android.

The code in Android Q shows off some of the Face Unlock references. Google might show this code in Google Developer Conference scheduled in May 2019. This system will be secure enough to be used for authorizing purchases and signing into apps, in addition to unlocking a smartphone.

All the existing phones using Facial scanning in Android right now use 2D scanning techniques. This is nowhere close to Apple’s FaceID which uses 3D scanning.

The Android Q code indicates Google is building a native secure facial recognition option into the next version of Android, which would allow smartphone manufacturers to create systems that rival Face ID.

FaceID was first introduced with the iPhone X back in 2017. Even after 1.5 years, no Android smartphone is able to match its level. Hopefully, we can see more secure devices and hardware coming with Android Q later this year.

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