Xiaomi Teases its Own Foldable Phone that Folds on Both Sides


Xiaomi just teased its own foldable phone video on the internet. The phone is slightly different than the other foldable phone in the makes. They fold on two sides. It’s UI makes its way to the middle of the screen so that you don’t have to peep back to look to the hidden icons.

Xiaomi has put the power button in the middle-side area of the device. Or the top-center when folded. This way, the power button is accessible in both the phases of the device. Xiaomi’s President and Co-founder Lin Bin confirmed this in a teaser he posted on Weibo.

He says that the form factor, which “perfectly merges the experience” of a phone and a tablet, is the result of the company’s work on foldable displays, folding hinges, and other technical challenges. He also says that the device is just a prototype as of now and that the company “will consider mass producing it” if it gets positive feedback from consumers online.

Here’s the teaser Xiaomi’s Global Spokesperson Donovan Sung tweeted –

Xiaomi has two possible names in mind for the prototype — Mi Dual Flex and Mi MIX Flex — but it’s also looking for suggestions.

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