Still Using a Windows Phone? You Just Have 328 days to Upgrade


Gone are those days when the hype for Windows Phones was real. Now only a handful of people are using them and Microsoft is officially ending its support on  December 10, 2019. This might be the time when Windows Phone users might have to upgrade.

The last Windows Phone came in 2016 and  Microsoft ensured that the last of the Windows Phone users get timely updates and security patches. This will change soon as Microsoft has finalized an end-of-support date for Windows Phone.

The company notes that Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709 was the last update to Windows Phone. Users will receive security patches till December 10. Post that, using Windows Phone will be dangerous as Microsoft will no longer monitor vulnerabilities and provide support.

If you are a Windows Phone user, it’s the right time to upgrade to either iOS or Android. You might get back to the Windows platform once Microsoft launches the Surface Phone.

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