Spotify Car View Lets You Stream Music Without Distractions


Did you ever got distracted from Spotify’s UI when all you want to do is to stream music while driving? Spotify has a fix for that. Car View is the most minimalistic playback UI which will keep your distractions at bay. In Car View, you’re only shown the track title and artist, so you can read the screen with just a glance.

Spotify this morning formally announced the launch of Car View in a post to its Community Forums. The company says the feature is currently available only on Android devices, and only when the device is connected over Bluetooth. When the phone connects, Car View is automatically enabled when your music or podcast starts playing.

Spotify Car View
Above: Car View in action; credit: 9to5Google

However, given that Car View is a Bluetooth exclusive feature and won’t work over an AUX connection is disappointing. Once Car View is enabled, you can access your Library, tap to Browse, or use Search. While listening, you can use the seek bar to skip to another part of the song.

Spotify also noted Car View supports landscape view and will arrive on iOS in the future.

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