Check In your Flights with Google Assistant Soon!

"OK Google! Check me in!.."


Google is announcing some pretty cool features of the Google Assistant. One of them is the ability to check in to your flights! No more searching the bunch of emails to find your confirmation number while standing in front of a kiosk. Google Assistant is now smarter than ever and will already know your boarding details.

The service is first launching on United Airlines’ domestic flights. Assistant will also be able to retrieve and save your boarding pass, and proactively remind you to check into your flight when it’s ready.

Speaking of traveling, you can even book yourself a hotel room via Choice Hotels, AccorHotels, InterContinental Hotels Group, Priceline, Expedia, Mirai, and Travelclick.

These features will come to more Airlines and Hotels. Google hasn’t shared an exact date of when these features will roll out, but we are sure it will be very soon.

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