Mpow Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review


The Mpow Sport Flame came on loan. The opinions of the review are that of the writers and were not influenced in any way.


Mpow Sport


Mpow is a maker of budget smartphone and audio accessories. The Mpow Sport are bluetooth earbuds that, as the name says, have a fitness focus. The Sport have a budget focus that have solid audio for the price. As for the quality of the earbuds themselves… Let’s just say that you get what you paid for.

Sound quality


The quality of the audio is honestly really good for the price of $20. There’s a focus on the lows with pretty heavy bass. Personally, I listen to fairly bass heavy music when I workout so the Mpow are perfect for me in that sense. I wouldn’t say the bass is overpowering though. I was still able to make out the highs, but the mids take the hardest hit. They’re not super muddy sounding, but occasionally mids are a little hard to pick out.


Overall quality


The Mpow Sport’s overall quality is a little on the lower side. The plastic feels a little cheap and so does the cord linking the Mpow’s earphones. They never felt like they would break they just didn’t feel like they were of a high quality. The Mpow Sport boasts an IPX6 rating making them theoretically possible to wear while swimming. Overall I wouldn’t say they were bad quality wise just what you would expect for the price.


Battery life


The Mpow Sport’s battery life boasts 7-9 hours of use. From my use with them that sounds about right. I typically work out for about an hour 5-6 days a week doing a half hour of strength training and a half hour of cardio, and the battery in the Mpow lasted me about the entire week. The Mpow charges using a micro USB port. While USB C would have been nice to have I would give it a pass considering the price point of the earbuds.


Using the Mpow for workouts


Using the Mpow for strength training and yoga was no problem at all. They were in fact really comfortable for that use case, but for cardio they were pretty annoying. The Mpow Sport did not stay in my ears very well, even with trying different sized ear tips, and would slide out every few minutes while running. The wing tips that go over your ears can not be switched out for bigger or smaller wing tips so hopefully they fit over your ears snuggly. They sadly did not for me. You can pause, play, control volume, and skip tracks on the earbuds. Pause and play are easily accessible on the side of the right earbud itself, but accessing volume control and track skipping is a little annoying with the placement being tucked away at the top of the earbud right under the ear hook/wing tip on the right earbud. An in line remote would have been preferable over placement of controls being right on the earbud itself.




If you want bluetooth earbuds on the cheap with decent sound quality (for wireless audio standards) then the Mpow Sport are very good buy. The issue lies in the “sport” part of the Mpow Sport’s name. The Mpow Sport is fine if you do slower paced workouts that don’t involve a ton of movement, like yoga or certain strength training, then you would have no problem with the Mpow Sport. If you’re looking for earbuds to wear when you run the Mpow Sport are not a good decision. The $20 price point is attractive, but you’re a cardio junkie, like myself, then I would suggest looking at wireless earbuds like the Anker Soundbuds Surge if you want to stay in a similar price range.