Windows 10 is Now On More Devices than Windows 7


Not only did Microsoft become the world’s most valuable company in December 2018, but Windows 10 devices also surpassed the number of Windows 7 devices. Windows 10 has beaten the market share of Windows 7, according to Net Applications.

Windows 10 held 39.22 percent of desktop OS market share in December 2018, compared to 36.9 percent for Windows 7. Windows 7 was launched 10 years ago and is popular ever since. It took Microsoft three and a half years to achieve to goal.

Windows 10 is now running on more than 700 million devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and even Xbox One consoles. Windows 7 will officially be going to end its support next year on January 14th, 2020. Microsoft has been pushing hard to increase the number of Windows 10 devices, and the number is growing ever since.

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