Chrome OS will Block USB Ports when your Chromebook is Locked

But you can whitelist devices if you want


When your Chromebook is locked, it can be hacked using a malicious USB drive that mimics a keyboard.  In order to stop this from happening, Chrome OS will soon lock all the USB drives when the device is locked with a feature called USBGaurd. USB Gaurd will stop the operating system from reading codes or executing commands from USB devices.

In case you are wondering about the devices which were already plugged in, they’ll continue to work normally regardless of whether the device is locked or not. Once the feature arrives, you should be able to opt-in to use the service and whitelist USB devices like a keyboard or mouse.

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Chrome OS is way more secure than Windows. However, any computer can be hacked using such malicious USBs. These devices inject pre-programmed keystroke sequences at up to 1,000 wpm. Such attacks can be stopped by just disabling the USB port. We wish Windows could also have this feature anytime in the future.

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Via Chrome Story