Google Duo Will Soon Support Group Calling and Low Light Mode.


Google Duo as of today is one of the most used video calling service. The Duo community has been asking for a feature which according to me, is much needed. You guessed it right, the group calling feature.

Group Calling has been amongst the most requested feature of Duo since the day it launched. If Duo wants to compete against the likes of FaceTime and other such apps it needs to add group calling.

According to a report, Google Duo might be getting group calling as well as Low light mode in an update. Although the group calling feature will only support up to 7 people whereas, FaceTime now supports up to 35 callers at a single time.

According to a report from Android Police, users will have to create a group of contacts whom they wish to add to the video chat and then they can proceed to call them all at the same time.

The report also says, “Tapping on the group name in the bottom right corner of a call will bring down a list of group members”.

As for the new low light feature, it will enable the users to tweak around the brightness of the video in order for the other party to see them better during long night conversations.

The update as of now is not official and it appears Google won’t be rolling it soon to the Play store. In fact, Google seems to control the test access from the server. You can download Google Duo from here.