MiniTool Power Recovery: Get back your lost files in an instant


Most of us use Computers and Macs most of the times, it just sucks. Our data gets corrupted and we lose our important files and stuff from our system. Be it just normal data or some memorable photos which you once clicked but ended up losing due to some or the other reason. There are ways to recover your files at such times. It includes the use of recovery softwares.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a powerful data recovery software available for Windows XP,7,8,10 and even Windows Server OS.

The software can help you recover:

  • When you delete some files by mistakenly
  • When you have an inaccessible disk, RAW partition
  • Have an HDD failure
  • Lost data due to Virus Attack
  • OS Crashed

and a lot other times too.

The app is simple to use with you just opening and scanning the drive or a particular location where the file you lost was present. Depending on the size and the amount of files present in the disk the software starts its process and you end up with a list of deleted or lost files, and you can recover them with just one click to the location of your choice.

I have tested the software personally, and I got a positive result every time. I was able to recover my school project, few of my photos and most importantly a clip which I had recorded when I was out on a trip. And I am confident enough that even you would be able to get back your important files.

The software can help you get back your stuff from the HDD, SDD, USB drives, memory cards and even CD and DVDs.

They have updated their app to v8.1 which brings:

  • Show Lost Files feature.
  • Support Japanese and German languages.
  • Improve data recovery engine to fasten the data recovery process.
  • Enhance data recovery result so that users can quickly filter files they want.


You must have clicked tons of pictures this Christmas and Thanksgiving and must be planning to do the same in the New Year and none of us would want you to lose the pictures and videos, so go grab the software right now.


MiniTool is a well-recognized software with mentions from websites like CNET. There is a trial version which you can check out but we highly recommend you to purchase the full version of the software and get all your once-lost files back.

It is available in two variants, for home users and for business users about which you can read on their official website which is linked below.

Visit their website to know in detail about their data recovery software and the other softwares the team has developed.