Netflix on iOS doesn’t allow in-app purchase


The streaming giant, Netflix, has eventually stopped in-app purchases for renewing or buying new subscriptions. All thanks to Apple’s greedy policies of gobbling down 15-30 percent cut from in-app purchases.

According to a post by VentureBeat, Netflix has officially  removed “iTunes as a method of payment for new members.” This step was taken in August, and now it is rolling out globally.

As per a Netflix rep to VentureBeat,

We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members

This is actually a headache for new users. Also, it will be a pain for those who are returning back to the service after a month or so. If you have canceled your subscription a month ago, and now want to return to the service, you have to pay via the platform’s website.

Till date, many other services have tried ditching others. For example, to ditch the cut from in-game purchases of Steam, Epic introduced their own gaming store. So, as they altogether ditched the Google Play store revenue cut but not launching Fortnite on Play Store.

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