Vodafone to use manholes to provide you best 4G, 5G


When it comes to cellular coverage and smooth connectivity, every telecom company have to face one major issue. That is the coverage of the network, with the highest possible speed. Erecting several towers to boost network, is quite a hassle, so why not use something that is already present? Well, Vodafone is doing the same!

Vodafone will use manhole covers to provide you the best network coverage, also giving you the best 4G or upcoming G’s.

According to a press release, the firm says that they are going to use manholes for seamless coverage. This new approach will also give you the best connectivity in a 200m range of the manholes. Also, these manhole covers, in which antennas are integrated can be upgraded to 5G with minimal or no efforts.

As for now, the carrier has only installed these around their main office at Newbury. They are also planning to roll out 4G enabled manhole covers across the city of London.

Source: Android Authority

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