Apple Will Soon Manufacture its High-End Phones in India

Foxconn will start assembling iPhone X and other phones in its Bengaluru Plant


After a long time of discussing and complying with the rules, Apple is reportedly ready to boost its manufacturing plant in India. Apple, with Foxconn, was earlier assembling the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s earlier this year. Now, Foxconn will assemble more expensive phones like the iPhone X here.

In recent years, the Indian Government has passed strict rules for importing phones in the country by putting high tariffs. However, they are offering cheaper import rates on smartphone parts. This encourages manufacturers to build devices in India and drive the country’s manufacturing business. Companies like Samsung and Xiaomi are already manufacturing phones in India and now, Apple adds itself to the list.

This is the last option for Apple to price its devices accordingly as iPhones in India are priced around 20% more than the US and other countries. By building the phones in India, Apple is at least doing all it can to set itself up to try.

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