AFonts – A Font Changing App Only For Samsung


AFonts – A Font Changing App Only For Samsung:

PS: This is supported on Samsung Devices running Android 7.X and Android 8.X for now. If you have any device running below Android 7, you can stop here.

Most of us are an Android user, right? Some of us use Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, and many other brands. However, we know one thing about Android: level of customization. Android allows you to customize your phone according to your need. But, the final level of customization is in the hands of the manufacturer. Same is the case of Samsung. From a long time, Samsung is ruling the Android Market.

However, when it comes to the level of customizations, they keep things tight. Same is the case of System Fonts. Forget your favorite font,since  you need to buy them Galaxy Apps. But, we have AFonts, an app specially designed for Samsung devices to use the freely available font as your system font.

AFonts is a freely available Android App specially made for Samsung devices, allowing you to change your system font for not free, but at a very minimal cost. The app is free, allows you to use given fonts in the app, but you can buy the app for around ₹200, or around $3 from Play Store.

Using AFonts for changing system font on Samsung Device

  1. Download the App from the Play Store
  2. Open it and select any of the given fonts from the free section. I Will Use Kabel Font from the English section here. Tap Download and then Install. Tap Continue and install it. 
  3. After this, Restart your device, and head to Settings>Display>Font and Screen Zoom. Select Kabel and Apply. 
  4. If somehow, the font doesn’t show up in Step 3, restart, repeat 1-3 and restart.

This app also allows you to use free fonts like Google Fonts as your system font, however, you have to pay for once for this feature, i.e pay $3 or ₹200 for once, and you can change font every time. But if you want to stick with free, use either the free fonts or watch an Advertisement and then set a font every time.

To set fonts from Google Fonts:
  1. Head to Google fonts here
  2. Select any font you want. Download it. Unzip the downloaded font. Select the required font .ttf file from the list, and move it to your phone’s Internal Storage. Download folder is fine. Be Sure to rename the .ttf file to a max 10 character name. For Example, if its Roboto-Thin.ttf, Name it RoboTh.ttf.
  3. Head to + sign on the top. 
  4. Here, if you purchased the app, you will get the option of creating a font directly, or it will ask you to buy a font. Else, hit the eye button, select continue, watch Advertisement, end rest of the procedure is the same.
  5. Tap on Create A New Font. 
  6. Type the Name of the font, here Roboto, and Package Name to Roboto. Make sure to remember the package name, it will be used to uninstall the font. Select Compatibility Nougat or Oreo.
  7. Select Continue. Then Head to Download folder, Select your font, Mine is RoboTh.ttf. Click Install for Oreo/Nougat that is available. Then Click Install. Select Continue, and install.

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  8. Restart. Go to Settings>Display>Fonts and Zoom. Select Roboto or whatever name you typed and tap Done.

Uninstalling font

See, using this method to install a font is quite a tedious work (I know Right?), however, for uninstalling, you just have to remember the package name you typed above. Now head to + Sign again and then tap dustbin icon. Type in the package name, and click Uninstall.

You can download the app from below

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