Galaxy S10 Might Have Faster Charging Speeds than its Predecessors


Samsung was using the same fast charging standard for years. Models till the S9 support only USB QuickCharge 2.0, whereas the competitors have moved to faster standards. However, faster charging might come with the Galaxy S10.

Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) tweeted  “Samsung smartphone 15w charging will become history.” Adaptive Fast Charging currently charges phones at 15W and the S9 might be the last phone to have the old technology. With the introduction of the S10, Samsung might move to QuickCharge 4.0+ standards which would enable charging at up to 27 watts of power.

Faster Charging


Huawei, on the other hand, uses its own technology which enables up to 40W of power. Given that Samsung already wants to include reverse wireless charging on its devices, the custom tech would be icing on the cake!

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