Samsung Bright Night makes your Night Shots look Awesome (Time Will Tell)

Bright Night Sight


Code made for the Android Pie update for Note 9 revealed a software feature called Bright Night that Samsung is working on.  Bright Night is nothing but Samsung’s attempt to make something equivalent to Google’s Night Sight or Huawei’s Night Mode. Even OnePlus has its own night mode to capture dark shots. This was reported by folks at XDA Developers. 

Samsung has been debuting a new camera feature with every flagship phone these years, and they might do the same this year with the Galaxy S10. The phone will be announced in February 2019 at MWC. Text in the code suggests the mode will work in a similar way to Night Sight. It will take multiple shots and use software to combine them together.

Until then, we have to see whether Samsung manages to make the Bright Night any better than Google or Huawei. Samsung is also working with US carriers to make sure it brings it 5G device here. We are excited for Q1 2019 as many new devices will be launch.

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