Mi Box S Unboxing and Awesome Deal!

Get an amazing deal on an Android TV box capable of 4K HDR at a low price!


What is a Mi Box S?:

The Mi Box S is an Android TV box made by Chinese giant Xiaomi and sold exclusively through Walmart. The original Mi Box was an cheap and easy introduction into the Android TV Platform. It gave users 4K HDR capabilities on their TV on the cheap as well as it being reliable and giving you all the apps you were familiar with from your Android phone on your TV.

The Mi Box S expands on this idea while adding 4K Chromecast capabilities, something I didn’t realize was absent from the original Mi Box. This also undercuts the Chromecast Ultra and original Mi Box selling for $59 MSRP while the others sold for $69 MSRP. Your main limitations with this box is it doesn’t have a high end processor, it really just has enough to stream video at a smooth frame rate. The processor, ram and storage are all the same you found in the almost 3 year old Mi Box. You also only have 8gb of storage with 1 USB 2.0 port so don’t get your hopes up of downloading big games or movies onto the box. The way I look at it is a way to not use the probably crappy interface on your current 4K TV.


For $59 you get a lot in this box. Not only do you get the Mi Box S itself but you also get the remote (with voice control), an HDMI cable, batteries, and the power cable. The Mi Box S looks refined with its sharp edges and minimal design.

Looking at the remote I’m not a fan of it. There’s a lot going on and the off center home and back button are awkward. There’s also the additional awkward application button. I don’t feel this button is useful, especially considering the home interface on Android TV 8.1 is so well done. I never use the app tray so I found the button mostly confusing. There’s also the Netflix and Live TV buttons which I wish were remapable. I rarely use Netflix or Live Channels on my TV and would prefer to have my own favorite applications accessible to these buttons. Unfortunately, you cannot go back to the former Mi Box’s remote.

You’re getting the most up to date version of Android TV, 8.1. This is nice to see considering the original Mi Box was stuck with Android 6.0 for a while but picked up the pace once it got 8.0.

What’s the Deal with the Deal?:

You may now be wondering why I upgraded from the Mi Box to the Mi Box S. That’s because the Mi Box S has a significant price cut for the holidays. You can pick it up for $39, that’s $20 off! I’m also now able to pass my old Mi Box down to a family member.

If you don’t already have an Android TV box or have one pick this up. I would also invest in this if you have something like an old Nexus Player and want an upgrade. It’s cheap enough to impulse buy and you won’t regret it! It’s also a great stocking stuffer or gift for a Pollyanna. Let me know if you end up picking it up and who you get it for! Most of all enjoy the holiday season and spend time with those you care about! Gather around your brand new Android TV box and watch a movie. You can also listen to holiday music streaming from Play Music, Spotify or whatever streaming service you use. No matter what, enjoy yourself. Here’s a link to get the Mi Box S for yourself before the holidays.

This was not a sponsored piece, Onetechstop purchased the Mi Box S with our own funds for review and personal use. 

Source Walmart