iPhone XR has the Best Single Camera Score on DXO Mark


DXO Mark revealed their scores for their camera tests. The iPhone XR scored a whopping 101 in DXO Mark, which is the highest for s single lens camera. You can also have a look at the scores of other phones.

Before you wonder where the Pixel 3 is, the latest score is of Pixel 2 and DXO might be still testing the phone. The Pixel 3 might easily throw off the iPhone XR from the DXO Mark throne, but until then, the latter has the best single lens score.

How DXO Assigns Scores

Have you ever wondered what factors are taken into consideration while assigning a DXO mark score to a phone’s camera? Here’s how it’s done –

  • DxOMark Score shows:
    • The amount of information captured by the lens for a given camera.
    • How well the lens and camera perform together.
  • DxOMark Score does not show:
    • The intrinsic quality of the camera sensor.
    • The camera sensor’s performance under high-light conditions.
Key points about DxOMark Score design:

The DxOMark Score reports on an average performance of lenses with a camera for a defined use case.

  • The DxOMark Score corresponds to an average of the optimal quantity of information that the camera can capture for each focal.
  • DxOMark Score is based on low-light conditions (150 lux and 1/60s exposure time). We chose these conditions because we believe low-light performance is very important in photography today and because photographers need to know how well lenses perform at their widest aperture. Lenses with a high f-number are usually more expensive, so photographers want to know if the performance is worth the expense. The score does not account for the depth of field and only considers performance at best focus.
  • DxOMark Score is a linear scale related to the largest print size that provides excellent quality. Doubling the size of the print requires doubling the DxOMark Score. A difference in scores of less than 10% can be considered irrelevant.

The iPhone XR is one of the most powerful devices. It has most of the features of the flagship iPhone XS Max and also has an impressive camera.

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