Stellar Data Recovery: Do not worry about losing your data anymore


All of us have ended up losing crucial data from our computer one day or the other, be it intentionally or due to a stupid mistake. You go search around the internet on how to recover those files and a lot of the methods do not work so you end up getting over it but you do not have to worry anymore.
Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows is a powerful software to recover data from PCs, MacBooks, Ultrabooks, etc.

The software just does not help in recovering lost data from your device, but also has the functionality to monitor the drive, and repair photo and videos. Yes, it’s a pack full of productive features.

Recovery of lost and deleted data:

It helps in recovering each and every type of data and supports recovery from FAT, ex-FAT and NTFS drive partitions.
The steps to recovery are straight forward:

First, we need to choose the type of file we need to recover (Documents, Photos, Emails, Videos, etc.)


Second, we choose the location where the lost file was present and click scan.


The scanning process takes time depending on the size of the location it scans, but anyway the process is pretty quick.


Next, it displays the list of files we have lost or deleted from the scanned location. We can preview it in the preview pane before finally recovering it. If you have not found your desired file, then you can go for the Deep Search. After that we choose the file(s) and click on “Recover”.


After finding your file, we recover it to any location we want.

And that is all of it, neat and quick.

Monitoring the Drive:

It helps you check the health status of a hard drive.

You can clearly see all the details of your hard drive, along with the no.of partitions and also get the feature to clone the disk. You can also scan the disk to check if there are any problems with your hard drive. The process takes around 10 minutes.

Repairing Photos and Videos:

If you have some photos or videos which are corrupted, damaged or unusable, this software can also help you in repairing those.

It is a 3 step process:

Add the video/image file(s) which is/are corrupted.


Let the software do the magic, and then preview the repaired files. Click on “Save Repaired Files”

Choose the location where you want to save the file, and you have your image/video opening again.


Stellar Data Recovery is a multi-functional lifesaving software that we highly recommend to have installed in your computers to quickly help you when you accidentally lose your data or have a corrupted image which you need to repair.

It is available for both Windows and Mac, with a Free version and Premium version which actually lets you do all the magic. You can download the free version and check for yourself how the software works, and then purchase the software. Trust us, when we say it is worth the money. The software has been globally recognized by PCMag and PCWorld with tons of positive review.

You can check out their website for the different editions of the software and everything else in detail. Grab the software now and do not worry about losing your data ever again.