Surface Centaurus is Another Dual Screen PC Microsoft is Working On

Other than Andromeda, this device will run Windows Core OS and is designed to kick-start a new form factor of devices for Windows.


Microsoft and Intel are working together on a new dual-screen Surface device codenamed “Centaurus’.  Core Windows OS will power this device. This is the second dual-screen device we know, that Microsoft has been working on, other than Andromeda. 

Reports say that Microsoft is working on Surface Centaurus for about a year. 2019 is the year it might come out. It’ll be the first device which, Microsoft calls a dual-screen 2-in-1. It will come with the form factor for Windows 10 that utilizes two screens for productivity, inking, and more.

Everything we know about Project Surface Centaurus

Microsoft is building Surface Centaurus to show developers what can be achieved with this new form factor as it did with other Surface products. And since Microsoft is working closely with Intel, it should come as no surprise to hear that an Intel processor powers Centaurus. This means Centaurus will be able to run x86 apps.

What’s Windows Core OS?

Windows Core OS is a new, modern version of Windows 10. Microsoft designed it from the ground up for dual-screen devices. The Windows Core OS will take advantage of the dual-screen setup, and can also adapt the user experience to fit other orientations the device may be usable in.

Surface Centaurus
Photo Credits: The Verge

The Windows Core OS can also run legacy Win32 programs, if only they are from the Microsoft Store. This explains why Microsoft has been trying to get as many Win32 programs into the Microsoft Store as possible during the last couple of years.

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