LG Wants to Create a phone with 16 Camera Lenses!


If you think the five cameras on the LG V40 ThinQ were too many, brace yourself. Because LG is planning something much bigger than just 5 cameras. LG has recently filed a patent which will allow it to make a phone with 16 cameras! (via LetsGoDigital).

LG Phone with 16 Cameras

The 16 cameras are arranged in a square, 4×4 grid. It is designed to capture a scene from multiple perspectives in a single shot. That will allow you to shoot 3D movies and manipulate shots entirely. In the below example, LG shows how you can use the lenses to take a single shot from multiple angles. In this case, the head of the teddy bear can be moved even after taking the shot.

LG 16 Camera Phone

This example shows how you can replace the head of a person entirely using AI to recognize them and search for any other photos.

Lg 16 camera smartphone

Selfie with a Mirror?

Another exciting fact about this phone is that LG wants you to take selfies with these 16 lenses. But how? Well, using a mirror. Below the grid of 16 lenses, will be a small mirror in which you can see yourself. This technology was used in the older days of flip-phones. It is interesting how LG is keeping this phone both old school and modern at the same time.

We don’t know whether LG even plans to make the phone official. It’s just a patent and not all of them gets turned into reality. Fortunately, there’s another phone in the market which also has 16 lenses. It is called the Light L16. The L16 uses 16 camera modules with varying focal lengths and with folded optics instead of 1 single sensor.  It uses “computational photography” to fuse the individual photos together with depth data, producing results that would be “DSLR quality”.

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