Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery : Keep all your data safe


It is a disaster when you delete something by mistakenly or even knowingly from your device and realise later that it was something important. There are tons of apps available for Android and PC to help recover the lost data(s), but for iOS we feel Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Mac or PC is the best way Recover lost data from your iPhone.

The software can help you recover messages, contacts, photos, videos, music and a lot more. The steps are simple and straightforward once you install it. It has three options to recover your data: from your connected Apple Device or via iTunes or by using iCloud. It is compatible with iOS 11 and above with the support for more than 20 different file types.

Joyoshare is a great piece of software for majority of the people using an Apple Device as we all lose some data one way or the other and then end up cussing ourselves for such foolishness. It helps you to check your Whatsapp/KIK/Viber messages and attachments if anyone ever needed that, along with Safari Bookmarks, Notes, Calendars, Reminders, etc. and it takes only a few minutes for the process to get completed.

The main page displays all the details of your device, starting from your phone’s serial number to the amount of storage available on your device and the device UUID.

The steps to recover are as simple as:

Connecting the device. For now, the only mode of connectivity for both PC and Mac is via Lightning cable only, Bluetooth will not work.


Trusting the computer on your iPhone/iPad/iPod


Choosing what you want to scan. As you see in this screenshot, you have a variety of applications that you can choose from, basically whatever you feel you need to recover.

Allowing the software to do its magic as you sit back and relax (it is fairly quick)


Selecting all the files that you want to recover.

And basically that’s it, a pretty simple process. It is this easy and quick for you to get back your lost or deleted files.

Alternatively, you can also download the backup of your other Apple devices by signing in to iCloud.

Once you have signed in, it displays all the backups done by you from all of your Apple devices that are linked to that email. You can see below it displays the backup files of my older iPhone 6S, 7 and my current device the iPhone XS.

Joyoshare provides you with 100% safe recovery. There is a free version and a paid version available for the software, while the free version just lets you view the files and not extract them back to your PC, the paid version allows you to take the full control over your lost files. I would highly recommend you to buy the licence and support the developers for creating such a lifesaving software. You will get a free lifetime upgrade after purchasing the software once.

It is available for both Windows and MacOS, so regardless of which PC or Mac Device you use, Joyoshare is there to save your day.

Head over to their website to get more detailed information about Joyoshare iPhone recovery and grab the paid version at a discounted amount of $49.95 instead of $50.00. They have few more interesting softwares that you also might want to check out. All of them are on discount with “LivePhoto Converter” being free, so hurry before the offer ends. In my opinion this is a great software and I do not think you should ever need any other recovery software for your Apple device after using this once.