Mpow H3 Headset Big Sound For A Small Price


I received the  Mpow H3 active noise cancelling headsets about a week ago. I am overall impressed with the headset especially for the cost. It has a nice comfortable feel and great sound .

Whats in the Box

The Mpow H3 headset comes with a USB charging cable, 3.5 mm audio cable, storage bag, and manual.



Design and Build

The design on the Mpow H3 wont blow you away, its a solid headset with soft padded  ear cups that fit comfortably around your head. The outside of the headset has more of a plastic look and feel. Its a decent looking headset , but it wont match the look of more premium models. The build  feels good and they are foldable  for easy storage. The Mpow H3 has a little weight to it’s heavier than other headsets I have used although I had no issues with comfortably.


Buttons And Functions

The Mpow H3 has a pretty simple button layout, which helps with navigating through the functions of the headset. The bottom right side of the headset has your power button which is multi functional, you can power on and off the headset, pause music , resume music with a single press, activate  your voice assistant with a 2 second press, a double press  will call the last number dialed, it also has a aux jack for wired use. The left side has the micro usb port for charging and the ANC switch to turn on or off the  active noise cancelling.

Sound Quality and Battery 

I am no audiophile but I can say the Mpow H3 delivers a nice balanced sound, good bass nice highs and lows and plenty of volume without any noticeable distortion. I paired it with with my Note 9 effortlessly and really enjoyed the sound quality. The ANC is a nice added feature but compared to my AKG N60NC it isn’t as strong.The battery has been nothing but amazing I actually haven’t charged it yet and been using it about 2 hrs daily for the last week.



I would definitely recommend the Mpow H3 headset, its well worth the money, delivers a great sound experience comparable to much more costly models and 1/4th the price. They will run you about $58.99 and you can get them from amazon Here.