Intel’s New XMM 8160 5G Modems Could Power the 5G iPhones


5G is slowly approaching towards its Global launch and Intel finally announced its plans for the future. Intel’s new  XMM 8160 5G modem is designed for next-gen networking capabilities. The modem will be released to manufacturers in the second half of 2019. We could potentially see a lot of 5G devices using the chip in early 2020.

Intel has big ambitions for its new modem. It could be used in various devices like phones, PCs, and broadband hubs, with peak speeds of up to 6 gigabits per second. The modem will support all the specs for the  5G NR (New Radio) standard, as well as legacy support for 4G, 3G, and 2G networks all in one chipset.

 XMM 8160 5G
(Credit: Intel Corporation)

Apple recently switched exclusively to Intel modems for its 2018 iPhone XR and iPhone XS/Max. Apple is also planning to use Intel’s  5G modems to its 5G iPhones.  If Intel launches these modems in mid-2019, we could finally see 5G iPhones in 2020.