7 Innovative Tech Solutions to Simplify Your Business Operations


Every minute of the day is valuable when running a business. With so many goals to reach and tasks to perform, it makes perfect sense that you will want to streamline your processes. Doing so will not only save your business time, but it can also help to increase your annual revenue.

Investing in various tactics and technologies can ultimately speed up your efficiency and push your business into the future. Take control of your company by checking out the seven innovative tech tools to simplify your business operations.

  1. Scheduling Software

Avoid scheduling mistakes, monitor your employees’ working hours and review their earnings by investing in scheduling software. This will prevent your staff from missing a shift and can help you to identify how they are using their time each day, so you can eliminate unnecessary processes or tweak their daily schedule. It is an effective way to increase productivity, improve employee morale and develop a smooth, hassle-free business.

  1. Cloud Storage Solutions

A lack of resources and time can be a challenge for small companies. They will want to store all their sensitive documents in one place to speed up processes, while securely storing their sensitive files, which can prevent them from falling victim to hacking, a virus, or data loss.

Protect your data every day by turning to the best cloud storage solutions, which will allow you to easily store your documents, which you can access at any time on any device with an internet connection. For example, you can turn to Dropbox, Google Docs and Office 365 to organize, store, edit and share your files online.

  1. Online Payment Processing Program

Customers only want to purchase goods and services from e-commerce brands they trust. Limited payment options will not only prove you are an inexperienced company, but a visitor will question your trustworthiness.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a high bounce rate and a significant loss of sales, as they might click away from your customers and buy from a competitor instead. As the main goal for your website will be to encourage people to complete an order, it is a wise idea to invest in a dependable online payment processing program, which you can customize to your company’s needs.

  1. Web Teleconferencing Services

Traveling to meet clients and vendors can cost your business a considerable amount of money over time. Every journey will damage your annual profit margin, especially if it will require one or more of your employees to be out of office for a day or more.

Save your company money each month with web teleconferencing services, so you can connect with your customers or suppliers using video and voice connections. For example, you can turn to the likes of Adobe Connect or Skype for Business to host web-based meetings or interviews.

  1. Online Invoicing Services

Not every business needs a team of accountants to manage their books and send invoices to clients. If you are running a small company, you would be smarter to invest in online invoicing services, which can help you to efficiently manage your company finances, as you could easily accept online payments, set up recurring invoices, and send automatic reminders.

  1. Remote Desktop Applications

How many times have you decided to work from home, only to realize you don’t have access to an important file? If this has happened to you too many times, you could benefit from a remote desktop application.

This will provide you with instant access to your primary computer, so you can review all your data on your desktop via your laptop, smartphone or tablet computer. So, you will never need to be disconnected from the office – even when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away on vacation.

  1. Social Media Automation

There are a multitude of reasons why your business should embrace social media automation if it hasn’t already. Not only will it allow your employees to schedule engaging posts days, weeks or months in advance, but you can also share the same posts across multiple platforms in one quick swoop, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

The innovative tool can consequently save your staff a considerable amount of time, so they can focus on more important tasks in the business. The right platform will also feature insightful reports, so you can identify when your posts perform well on a channel each day. You can then optimize your future posts for greater reach and engagement.