Samsung teases foldable phone on Facebook


Samsung is well known for it’s out of the world innovations. Recently, we have seen many rumors about their foldable devices. Today, Samsung Mobile has updated their profile picture, which tells us about their upcoming foldable devices.

The update came just after the company released an animated icon, showing the folding mechanism of the device. We might get to see the device unveil at the Developer Conference, that will be held at the end of this week.

Unfortunately, we don’t even know what the firm is going to announce in the first place. The company, in a conference, said that they will show the UI of the device. However, no talks about the original device were made.

For Samsung, the User Experience is a crucial part, so they might focus on that pretty well.

The rumors in the air suggest that the upcoming foldable device might be used as both phone and tablet.

Let’s see what we can expect from the Samsung Developer Conference at the end of this week.

Source: Android Authority

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