Apple Pay Is Coming Soon to Germany


Apple Germany’s website is saying that Apple Pay will be coming soon to Germany. Also, one of the major German banks is displaying the same message.

The Apple Pay page has a new ‘Kommt bald’ which means ‘Coming Soon’.  HypoVereinsbank, the bank’s website, also says ‘In Kürze bei uns: Apple Pay’ which means the same. The bank is one of Germany’s largest banks. The bank also sent out newsletters to its customers.

The newsletter gives information about Apple Pay and its features. The bank also created a page on their website which promises to alert customers as soon as they are able to register their cards for the service. A wide range of companies, including Aldi, Aral, Avia, DM, Galaria Kaufhof, H&M, KKiosk, Lidl, MediaMarkt, Netto, Shell and Zara, will accept Apple Pay in Germany

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