Spotify for Apple Watch is Coming Soon!


Spotify is testing out an official Apple Watch app. The Beta version is already available to testers. You can just control playback as of now, but more functions will be added soon.

Spotify’s Apple Watch app was much overdue. Developer Andrew Chang’s Snowy app was an unofficial attempt to add the offline Spotify playback for the Apple Watch. Spotify hired Andrew last year to create a companion app using Spotify’s iOS SDK.

Spotify isn’t revealing when they’ll launch the Apple Watch app. However, this is still a good sign considering how Google and Amazon axed their Apple watch apps since last year. This is also an effort for Spotify to regain its userbase after Apple Music surpassed Spotify in terms of Premium customers in the US.

Also, Spotify is giving away free Google Home Minis for customers purchasing its Premium Family Plan. Check it out now!