Uber Ride Pass Gives you Hefty Discounts on your Rides for just $15

Now Available in 5 US Cities!


Uber has started a new Amazon Prime-like subscription method for their regular commuters. The service is called Uber Ride Pass. It is available starting today in five cities, viz.,  Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Miami. It is a lot better and cheap when compared to the $299 price of Lyft’s subscription.

15 Bucks a Month

For $14.99 a month ($24.99 in LA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), riders can lock in flat rates on all the UberX and UberPool trips they take over that month. The rates will be based on historical data. By subscribing to Uber Ride Pass, riders can save up to 15% on their overall travel money. The advantage of getting a Ride Pass is that fares won’t be subject to typical external events like weather, traffic, or surge pricing. And there’s even no limit to the number of rides a user can take.

Uber Ride Pass

“We’re really keen to make sure this is priced to the point where people can buy the pass [and] not have to think too much about it,” said Dan Bilen, product manager at Uber. “The vision for Ride Pass is it makes Uber a budgeted line-item for riders.”

The drivers, however, will get the same earnings based on time and distance. So basically, Uber is shelling out a considerable sum by introducing this new product.

Uber Ride Pass in India

Uber’s Ride Pass is already available in India for a while now. Users get similar benefits. For just ₹199 ($3), users can take a UberGO and a UberPREMIER for ₹159 ($2)  and ride anywhere in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Image – Gadgets360

Uber Ride Pass is similar to Ola Select. Ola is the main rival of Uber in India. Ola Select is available for just  ₹499 a month (approx. $7). By getting a Select membership, commuters get similar features to Ride Pass like no peak pricing, and minimum, fares on Sedans and Minis. Users also get additional features like ( where your booking request gets first priority) and high-speed Wifi. 

Coming to Uber, it has not included Jump bikes and electric scooters in its subscription plan yet. But  LA-based subscribers will get free bike-and-scooter access. Perhaps the reason for that $25 price tag.

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