Samsung releases high resolution camera sensors


After Sony released its latest imaging sensors for smartphones, Samsung also released their own today. These sensors – one of them is of 48MP and another one is the 32MP. Which is quite better than those available in the market.

The camera sensors from Samsung ends up getting used in other smartphones from other manufacturers. So, expect greatest cameras in 2019.

The current sensors in the S9 camera have 1.4µm, however, the new sensors have the size of 0.8µm. That means you will get more pixels in the camera.

However, one major drawback of having smaller pixels is the light bleeding. That means, not all pixels can capture light. Due to which there needs to be an isolation technique.

But Samsung being Samsung, they tackled this problem with their Isocell Plus technology. This technology replaces the barrier surrounding the pixels with Fujifilm based material. This ensures high definition fidelity and increases the light sensitivity.

The 32MP sensor will also have the real-time HDR feature, giving you much improved HDR quality, that too in low light.

Source: Android Authority

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