iPhone XR repairs easy, Zach Shows in a teardown video


The Popular Youtube channel JerryRigEverything, today uploaded a video about the teardown of iPhone XR. However, teardown took not more than 5 minutes, suggesting that the iPhone XR repairs going to be a lot easier.

At first, Zach removed the proprietary screws, after which he removed the adhesive between the back plate and the screen.  However, once you remove the adhesive, the IP68 certification goes to hell. Of Course, you can apply other adhesive taps, but the IP68 adhesive is available with Apple only.

Then, with a Y000 screwdriver, he removes the metal plate from both LCD connector and the battery plugs. However, if you see the inside of the iPhone XR, nothing has changed internally. Same old placements of components and cables.

Later, he removes a 5-screw bracket, which has 3 Y000 and two Philips Head screws. Apple does a good job with the pull tabs beneath the battery. The pull tabs are pulled out so that the battery is removed without any issues. However, the removal also depends on the quality of the pull tabs used. Some might come out with ease, but some may break in between.

The removal of the battery shows the 2900mAh battery used in the device.

Now, comes a little tricky part. Apple does like third-party repairing people to mess with their business. Due to this reason, Apple has included standoff screws as well.

After all, its Apple’s Most Affordable smartphone in the market, so it’s obvious to have a little easier repairing possibilities. However, Glass is still costlier. iPhone XR repairs are going to be a lot cheaper, most probably.

Source: JerryRigEverything