Samsung Foldable Phone Will Run on a Special Version of Android


It seems like we are finally getting close to the finalization of the Samsung Foldable Phone Project. After a lot of rumors, there is finally a report which increased the possibility of manufacturing this phone.

Internally codenamed as “Winner”, the device has been in development for years. according to a recent report from  Bloomberg, the foldable phone will have two configurations. Folding in half will be the portrait mode and opening it would be landscape. Samsung Foldable Phone


The reason for making a portrait mode is to ease the single-handed use. It appears that Google and Samsung are working together to create a unique version of Android for the foldable phone. Since Android will have to look and function differently on the foldable device than it does on any other, this makes sense.

The report says –

 Google and Samsung have been working on developing a special version of the Android operating software for the phone, whose final user interface will depend largely on which of the two designs is chosen, one person said. Samsung may not be able to launch it commercially until the second quarter, another person said.

Samsung Foldable Phone Launch Date

Earlier this month, Division CEO Koh said that they’ll launch the device this year. But now, it doesn’t seem possible. However, Samsung is still making a lot of efforts to make this phone functional as well as unique. The CEO also promised that the device will have a lot of features to make it adaptable to people.

The phone could come anytime in the second half of 2019. Are you excited about the Samsung Foldable Phone? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

It is likely the Samsung foldable phone will hit the market in the middle of 2019, although since the device has been in development for so long, it’s possible we could need to wait even longer than that.