Galaxy S10 model might also have a flat screen


In case you don’t like the curved edge display or not a big fan of Samsung’s true Infinity Display, behold! Samsung might bring a Galaxy S10 variant with the flat display. Bloomberg has solid reports about this upcoming model.

There might be three different variants during the launch of the smartphone. The base model will obviously have the triple camera setup, along with a fingerprint scanner and that full screen-to-body ratio. Also, it might have the front-facing camera just below the display, like a small round cut, without any notch!

This Galaxy S10 flat screen model may help fight other brands.

After several Chinese manufacturers have captured most of the market in the budget and the mid-upper range, Samsung is finding it hard to fight back. However, this new model might help them capture the market back.

Since the curved display cost more, so as the high-end components that are used in the flagships, this device may have the durability. But this device might have lower but nice specifications.

Also, these new Galaxy S10 models might have no headphone jacks, giving the idea of using Bluetooth or the Type-C port.

Let’s see what Samsung has hidden under its sleeves for Q1 2019.

Source: Android Authority

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