Samsung Galaxy A8s is a Bezel-less Phone with a Drilled Hole!


Samsung just launched two new A series smartphones in China today, the Galaxy A9s and Galaxy A6s. It also teased a completely different looking smartphone, the A8s, which has no notch, but rather a hole drilled into the display for the front camera.

This makes it a completely bezel-less phone in the industry.  The image below shows a mockup of the Galaxy A8s. Ice universe leaked the photo on Twitter which gives us a clear idea of how Samsung will again change the smartphone design.

Galaxy A8s

But is a drilled hole any better than the notch? The official teaser shows us that the hole doesn’t come in the way of your videos. But does that mean, it justs disables that part of the display? There are many questions which we can’t answer right now and we have to wait for the official launch event (or perhaps more leaks) to get the info.

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What do you think about the Galaxy A8s? Do you think this might be the early version of the Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments below.