AT&T 5G is Launching “in the Next Few Weeks”


Earlier this year, AT&T promised us that it would launch a real 5G Network by the end of 2018.  CEO John Donovan confirmed these plans and said that the superfast network will be launching  “in the next few weeks.” via Phone Scoop.

The 5G evolution has already started and we are just weeks away from experiencing the blazing fast 5G Internet. However, we have seen AT&T testing its 5G services since February and it’s not a surprise the carrier is ready to roll out the new network.

Unfortunately for AT&T, Verizon has beaten them to become the first 5G network in the US, by launching its early 5G network in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento at the beginning of October. However, Verizon’s current network is a fixed 5G network for stationary home internet, not the mobile devices that you’re probably thinking of when you think of cellular internet.

AT&T’s network, if all goes as planned, would be the first US network to fully launch both a 3GPP standards-based 5G NR system as well as a mobile network. With the news that OnePlus and Samsung are already at the end of making 5G smartphones, this could start another 5G revolution, the mobile 5G.

AT&T is currently testing 5G in Charlotte, Raleigh, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco, marking just six of the total 12 cities it promised in January to roll out 5G to in 2018.