Mozilla is Baking ProtonVPN within Firefox


Mozilla announced that it is experimenting with some users, a feature where they’ll be shown an ad to purchase a ProtonVPN subscription. Mozilla says it picked ProtonVPN for the partnership due to factors like transparency and data retention policies.


From October 24th, Mozilla will show the ad to Firefox users in the US in the latest version, Firefox 62, on desktop. If you’re browsing in an unsecured number, the ad will pop up on the top right corner of your Firefox window that prompts you to click through to a sign up page.

ProtonVPN is available for $10 a month in Firefox. Both the companies share the idea of making the internet, a safer place. Although the partnership is useful, its basically just an advertisement for a VPN built into a browser. It might be useful for some, but super annoying for the rest of the users. However, ProtonVPN says it could expand to all of Mozilla’s more than 300 million users if the program is successful.