Top E-Commerce Products to Sell in 2018


As of July 2018, there were reports of a decline in new business formations in the US. However, startups were apparently said to be the vigor of the American economy. Amongst these businesses, you’re likely to find a number of e-commerce startups. These entrepreneurs are likely looking to solve everyday problems and using the online space to do so.

In 2018, there have been a number of products that have sold well in the e-commerce space. It is possible that those who have recently started an e-commerce business or are looking to diversify their product offerings should find the below products somewhat useful.

iPhone Accessories

In the third quarter of 2018 alone, 41.3 million iPhones sold globally. This is just a single brand which gives you a small insight into how high in demand smartphones are. In light of this, phone accessories are a great product to sell in 2018.

Some of the best iPhone accessories to consider are:

  • Lighting cables
  • Phone grips and stands
  • Wireless chargers
  • Battery packs
  • Screen protectors

If you’ve decided to start a drop shipping business, you can get a third party to provide the accessories to customers. This is a great cost-effective business venture.

Beauty Products

The beauty industry rakes in a robust amount of money on an annual basis. This makes selling beauty products a lucrative endeavor. One top-selling beauty brand has been Sephora as they’ve got a range of products. Argan oil self-tanning body butter and daily brightening moisturizer have also done relatively well in the market. In addition to Sephora, Tata Harper, Nordstrom and Bobbi Brown have also been reported to be bestselling beauty brands.

Smart Watches

Have you noticed that smartwatches have many sophisticated functions ranging from recording your heart rate to displaying your emails? In light of this, there’s a growing demand for these watches. It is understandable that a variety of brands have, therefore, competed to create the best one. One smartwatch you could consider selling is Amazfit Bip, which happens to be under $100. There’s also Fossil’s Q Control touchscreen smartwatch that has Google assistant integration as well as an attractive design. You’ll find there are several other bestsellers on the market if you do your homework.

Portable LED Projectors

If you didn’t already know, the portable projector industry is expected to be worth a huge sum of $3.44 billion US dollars by 2022. This makes them a great product to sell in the e-commerce space. Mini projectors especially may be an attractive buy for salespeople and other business professionals. There’s also the option of selling mini projectors, handheld projectors, or laser projectors. It may be wise to start with two products and see how they sell to help vet which is best to add to your range of products.

E-commerce can be a rewarding venture, especially when you choose the right products based on the demand. The ones mentioned above are only a snippet of potential ones that can be sold, so remember to make decisions based on what will be most lucrative and work best for your business.

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