PS4 is been bricked via a malicious message


Several PS4 users are reporting that a certain message carrying certain symbols is bricking their console. The character is an unknown character to the players. This leads the device to function abnormally and not starting up properly. Not only this, to build up the system again, you either need to factory reset the console or rebuild the database in Safe Mode. [Engadget]

The problem might be in the software of the PS4 console. Only Sony can fix this problem, via a software update.

Who doesn’t hate getting unknown messages? And if that particular message crashes your console, then it is better to be safe than sorry. The simple Solution from Engadget is, just turn off messages completely or set messages from friends only. This might help you to avoid any consequences of receiving any terrible message.

Also, Sony has responded that they will provide a software update to fix this issue. So, now not only Windows, smartphones are vulnerable, but so as game consoles are. However, in either case, you can use your system, but in the case of PS4, it will become completely inoperable by a simple message.

Source: Engadget

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