Pokémon Go brings new design for ARCore devices


ARCore is a nice innovative from Google to implement Augmented Reality. Many aren’t even implementing the same. However, Niantic has implemented the same in their Pokémon Go.  The new update of the game will bring new stuff to the app, including many ARCore based.

Niantic calls it  AR+. This is quite interesting actually. In general, Pokémon isn’t fixed to a particular location. However, with this AR+ the Pokémon will get to know from where you are from and how far you are from them.  Also, they will get to know how fast you are approaching them.

There is another improvement in the catching mechanism as well. Niantic has introduced the Awareness meter. When you carefully approach Pokémon, the meter will remain low, however, if you slightly approach them aggressively, they will flee.

This AR+ update is currently rolling out, and you also need to have the supported device, along with the ARCore app.

Source: Android Authority

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