5 Mobile Apps that Help Protect Your Privacy


As our favorite devices become increasingly intertwined with our lives, we depend on them for keeping our most important data. Privacy protection is now more important than ever. Mobile devices link to our offices and homes, and roam on different networks when we travel around. Thankfully, there are apps for your phone and tablet that are designed to deflect hacks, identity theft and peeping toms.

In addition to these helpful apps, identity theft protection services can give you peace of mind when you have personal information or business data on your mobile device. Here are five must-have apps that can safeguard your privacy:

1. Kyms

Kyms is an app that stands for “keep your media safe,” and is designed to do just that. It works by staying in complete disguise on your phone as a calculator app. This draws attention away from it, but even if someone opens it, they’ll be able to use it as a normal calculator. Simply enter your secret PIN number and password in the calculator, and you can open sensitive images and videos that are for your eyes only. Kyms also has a web browser that lets you download videos directly into its encrypted storage.

2. DuckDuckGo

If you’re concerned about your search information being shared by big search engines such as Google and Bing, you can ensure privacy with the DuckDuckGo app. Unlike major search engines, DuckDuckGo shares no information with third parties, doesn’t track your location and doesn’t save your search history. It’s also ad-free, whereas websites like Google display ads that are relevant to your search history.

3. Cerberus Anti-Theft app

The Cerberus Anti-Theft app, offers all-around protection by keeping your data safe from phone snatchers and network hackers. It also protects your phone from being stolen, but unlike the other “find-a-phone” apps, this one locks the phone when it’s stolen, protecting you from unlawful access to your details. With Cerberus, you’re notified of any fake hotspots when your phone picks up on public Wi-Fi networks. This way, it can help you ward off hackers who can steal your information remotely.

4. Log Dog

Log Dog is an app that alerts you of any suspicious activity on your social media accounts and accounts on any websites or apps such as Dropbox, Evernote and Slack.  It also serves to help you keep track of all your account passwords in a secure way.

5. AppLock

Although you can put a lock on your phone so that people can’t snoop around, you might find it inconvenient. Also, someone might easily guess your passcode, or look around in your phone while they’re borrowing it. AppLock is an app that can lock the apps you don’t want anyone else to access. It can lock your texts, photos, email, social media apps or any other apps you want to keep private.

Getting Adequate Protection

Hackers, identity thieves and other cybercriminals have various ways of finding their way into a mobile device like your phone or tablet. Even if you have an anti-virus protection app, you don’t have complete security. Google Play Store and the Apple Store have loads of options, and this list hopefully helps you sort through all the noise and get started with the security apps you need.