Microsoft Made Over 60k Patents Open Source


Microsoft, today, announced that it is joining the Open Invention Network (OIN). This is an open-source patent group to protect Linux from patent lawsuits. After doing this, Microsoft’s made its library of over 60,000 patents open source and are available to OIN members.

This is a big step forward from both Microsoft and OIN. OIN gets thousands of new parents. And Microsoft is helping an open-source community, it has shunned over the years.

Microsoft’s Executive Vice President Sxott Guthire, in an interview with ZDNet, commented – “We want to protect open-source projects from IP lawsuits, so we’re opening our patent portfolio to the OIN.”

However, Windows Desktop and desktop application code, is an exception to the patent open source. Which makes sense, off course. It is not really a traditional Microsoft-thing to do and that’s a good thing for the whole developer community. It seems like we’re having a tech-revolution right now.