Google Home Hub: A new place to showcase your deeds


At the Made By Google event, Google today launched the Google Home Hub. The hub is a beautiful device that comes in four different colors and brings nice combinations of hardware and software.

The first interesting stuff about the Home Hub is that it doesn’t come with a camera, thus allowing you to use it with more privacy. Along with it comes Google’s own Ambient EQ, which automatically adjusts according to the surrounding lighting conditions.

Google has incorporated the Voice match, which personalizes the content according to the user, who is speaking to the Hub. That means less hassle to move to settings and change according to wish.

Google is also giving 6 months of free Youtube Premium on the purchase of a Google Home Hub.

With Google Home Hub, you can actually make Live albums. Just snap a picture at a tourist point, and let your family see the same on the Hub at home live!

With amazing algorithms, Home Hub can also remove those defective images from your album as well!

The Home Hub will start as a pre-order today. You can also purchase the same from retailers around the UK, US, and Australia, on October 22nd, this year. The Price of the Hub is $149, and is available in four different colors:

You can read about the rest of the release at Made By Google here.