Facebook Lite for iOS under development


Facebook, like many others, has a lite version of its Android app for low-end handsets with basic specs. The app offers a watered down user experience but at least it people access the core features of the social network. According to a new report, it has been developing a Facebook Lite for iPhone as well.

9to5mac reports that Facebook is testing a Facebook Lite for iPhone app. Since there are no “low-end” iPhones, only older models, the main aim of this app will be to help users minimize data usage. It will come in handy in markets where mobile data tends to be quite expensive.

While this is good news for iPhone owners, there’s some bad news too. For now, the iOS version of Facebook Lite is only available in Turkey. Weighing in at a mere 5MB, Facebook Lite is significantly smaller than the regular version of the app — it’s just not clear when it will spread to other parts of the world.

In a statement given to Business Insider about the Facebook Lite app, the company said:

We’re always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family regardless of where they are accessing Facebook. When we first rolled out FB Lite as a standalone app, our goal was to deliver the power of a native app, with as many of the same features as possible while still being lightweight. Up until now, FB Lite has only been available on Android and now we’re testing the experience on iOS. We’re committed to connecting people with the things they care about — no matter their connection, device, or where they live.

If you want to pretend you’re in Turkey, you can grab a copy of Facebook Lite for iOS in the App Store.