Facebook Premieres Lets You Schedule Live Videos in Advance


Facebook just took on Twitch and YouTube by launching Facebook Premieres. After many tests, Facebook is rolling our the Premieres which converts pre recorded clips into live events.

Creators can schedule their live streams in advance using this new feature. This helps up build hype ahead of a live event with fans. For example, a company can make a big announcement without having to wait until the launch event.

Not only this, but many more features are expanding at the same time. Top Fans is a bashing feature which highlights a creator’s most active supporters. Facebook Premieres is available worldwide to any Page having at least 10,000 fans and using the video template.

Unlike Twitch, you don’t have to pay anything to get a Top Fan batch. Also, you’ll be able to poll with pre-recorded videos. This is familiar to the polls on Twitch.