A Review of the Latest Poker App to Hit the Microsoft Store

Poker and a coffee: check out the new Texas Hold ‘em Poker game app.

Texas Hold ‘em remains the most popular form of this age-old card game, and the Microsoft Store is celebrating the launch of a new free poker app for Windows 10 users. Texas Hold ‘em Poker game, developed by Vegas Casino Slots Games, is gunning to become the world’s leading Windows poker app. Backed by the most prestigious poker brand on the planet, the World Series of Poker (WSOP), it’s clear that this is an app designed to entice casual gamers into the world of online poker.

This all-action poker app features authentic high-definition (HD) visuals and a string of player rooms and table buy-ins. It is yet another excellent online addition for budding poker players looking to hone their poker strategy from the comfort of their home. Within the app, players can battle against AI opponents for a chance to win the ultimate prize in poker, a WSOP gold bracelet.

Poker Action Aimed at Beginners

What’s good about this app is it’s for those who lack the prior skills or knowledge to succeed at the poker table. Beginners without any knowledge of the game can find tables and buy-in limits to suit them. The app’s developers sought to make the visuals appear as realistic as possible in the furnishings and feel of a traditional casino poker room. It’s an excellent starting point for those looking to build their confidence playing Texas Hold ‘em on their desktop or smartphone device before venturing to a brick-and-mortar poker room in person.

Enjoy the Defined Game Interface

The game interface makes it simple to see the community cards and the ‘Fold’, ‘Call’ and ‘Raise’ buttons are big enough for even the biggest fingers to control the action with ease. The plus and minus buttons make it simple to increase or decrease your bet size before acting. The backdrop of each game is a trophy-filled poker table, evoking memories of the WSOP Main Event while a friendly, well-groomed female dealer greets you in the bottom left corner of the screen. Getting involved in the action is simple. Just hit the ‘Get’ button on the Microsoft Store page, and the app will begin downloading and installing on your device. During any game in Texas Hold ‘em Poker game app, it’s possible to pause your gameplay when life gets in the way and return to it later.

Regarding the slick gameplay, Texas Hold ‘em Poker game app is an excellent addition to the Microsoft Store. However, it doesn’t quite offer the interactivity that the rival app, Mega Poker, offers players on Windows-operated desktops and mobiles. The latter allows users to play live poker with other humans across the internet. You can play against family and friends and even take on the app’s leading players. The app also dishes out thousands of free ‘play money’ chips daily, and it also offers a range of game types, including Pot Limit and Fixed Limit. Nevertheless, Texas Hold ‘em Poker game is an excellent starting point for those entirely new to poker before graduating up to a more interactive app like Mega Poker.

Poker - Texas Holdem Poker Game
Poker - Texas Holdem Poker Game
Developer: Vegas Casino Slots Games
Price: Free