Teams for Android gets new calling features


Microsoft today updated their Teams for Android. The current update brings new calling features to the app. The app is mainly for an organization.

The app according to many people, needs more improvement within. However, Microsoft still updating the app and adding some new features in the process.

The current update bumps the app to version 1416/

The update brings:

  1. Start a new 1:1 or group call from the Calls tab
  2. Consult with the recipient before transferring a call
  3. Leave or mute a meeting chat using the new meeting details page
  4. Participate in Q&A during Live events
  5. Schedule private meetings
  6. Preview more file types

These updates are generally meant to add new features to the app. However, Microsoft’s goal is to make the app more popular than others like Discord.

Source: Neowin

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