LG will provide Apple OLED along with Samsung


In a report, we found that Apple will get their OLED displays from LG, along with from Samsung. Previously, Samsung used to be the sole supplier of the OLED panel. Samsung has provided OLEDs for iPhone X.

Apple as selected [them] as a secondary OLED supplier, where Samsung is still the primary choice. Recently, the OLED from LG has passed Apple’s Quality Assurance tests. Also, they are all set to produce foldable OLED displays by 2019.

Their straightforward goal is to produce flexible OLED panels for OEMs like Google and Microsoft.

Apple’s move on with displays might reduce the price of the Apple’s displays.  Moreover, Apple’s approach to them may boost up LG’s footprints in the OLED industry.

What I think is even though Apple change their suppliers, the price will remain intact as it was. This strategy will only boost their profit by around 50-60% approximately.

Also, when Apple used LCD panels, the pricing was quite high, and it will still remain that high always.

Source: Neowin

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