Moto G7 will come in regular and Plus variant only


According to MySmartPrice, the upcoming Moto G7 will not have the Play variant. This comes into light when MySmartSpace got a hand on the logos.

The Play Variant was launched with Moto G4. But we didn’t see any of the Play Variant from G5 and G6. Only the regular and Plus variants are launch to date. In comparison to other models, Play variant is a budget-friendly device.

The Play Variant, on a contrary, has the cheap price, with lower resolution display and much other major difference from Regular/Plus variants.

Moto G7

However, just seeing the logos, we cannot conclude that Lenovo is trying to shut down the Play variant. We cannot say anything about the same until Lenovo publicly announces about the same.

The expected time to catch a glimpse of the Moto G7 is the month of April, which is generally the most preferred time for Lenovo to launch devices.

Source: Android Authority

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