The Curious Case of Android’s Long Term Battery Life

Why does battery life on Android seem to go down so dramatically?


My History with Android:

I have been using Android consistently since the original Motorola Droid. Since 2009 I was hooked on Android because I could tinker and make it whatever way I wanted. I was really big into getting extended batteries and trying new launchers. I am that guy with the massive phone that is confusing to everyone but me. Part of this is because I have never been happy with battery life. I always wanted to be able to use my phone to not only text and listen to music but also watch videos and read emails.

Every time I would get a new phone I would be blown away by battery life. I’d be able to watch videos, read articles and get to bed with 20%, just like the reviews said. However, within weeks I’d be finding myself killing the phone faster and faster. By 2015 I determined that the best way to ensure I had the best battery life possible was to get a Nexus phone. Every phone I got from there on I ensure I’d get the most software updates and the most optimized software. I’m currently using a 1st Generation Google Pixel XL that’s only just a year old.

About my Usage:

I’m not one to horde apps but I use the common ones. Facebook, Chrome, Snapchat, applications along those lines. In the past few years I’ve started playing Pokemon Go and adding on more email accounts to sync. With each new email address I add I ensure it’s only syncing what’s necessary. In total I have about 5 email accounts synced to my phone at any given time, however it was this bad when I only had 2. I have also gotten into Pokemon Go more, however, my battery life seems to drain more quickly when my screen is off! I’ll be sure to show some battery life information.

What I’ve Tried:

When I have a warranty on my device I will get the battery replaced on the device as many times as possible. I have tried factory resetting devices, wiping cache, and going into safe mode. None of these common methods have worked for me. I use the stock charger as much as I can and I try not to let my device completely run out of battery. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to keep my phone alive past 4pm!

Battery Case:

Over the past few years, as my battery life has gotten worse I’ve bought into battery cases for my devices. They may be big and bulky but they keep my devices alive for the most part. Some may say that the case has led to the poor battery life however, these have been a last resort for when my battery life is already bad. I also have a friend that uses the exact same brand of battery case and has not complained about his battery life draining with it on their device.

What’s your Advice?:

What else do you think I should try? I’m getting somewhere around 1 hour 30 minutes of screen on time and my phone dies in about 7 hours. I’ve tried talking to Google but my warranty ran out because of confusion with a warranty return. I need all of my accounts sync for work purposes and I’m keeping my brightness down and device as cool as possible. I’m not willing to root because I don’t feel I should need to. I don’t feel a user like myself should have to root to get the best battery life possible or see exactly what’s wrong with my battery life.

Battery Life from my Pixel XL: