OnePlus 6T will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner


According to a report, the upcoming OnePlus 6T will feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. This will be one of the few devices to feature the in-display fingerprint scanner.

The OnePlus 6T box leaked a few days ago. It hints that the device will come with this technology. Even the Screenshot of the AOD also shows the fingerprint design on it.

Currently, only a few devices from Vivo and the Porche Edition from Huawei supports the in-display fingerprint scanner to date.

According to  OnePlus, they wanted this technology in their 5T but they decided not to go with. According to them,

the technology wasn’t mature enough to meet [OnePlus’] standards for delivering a fast and smooth user experience,

Hence, delayed.

And, Yes. The device will be a little bit thicker than the OnePlus 6.

Source: CNET

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